Operating systems: Windows XP (with SP3), Vista, Windows 7, 8 or 10.
After software update, all settings will revert to factory defaults.
Be sure to make a note of your saved settings prior to the update.
The latest update includes all previous updates.

Software Update (03.11.2017)
Download : R2_V1.16_V1.14 (System Software V1.16 / LCD Software V1.14)
Updates Made : With this software version, the number of WiFi channels on your detector has been increased and an ''off'’ position has been added (shown with ‘’oF’’ on the screen).
The new RED EDITION of the 2.4GHz wireless headphones will ONLY work with IMPACT Software version R2_V1.16_V1.14 or later versions.
When you are not using the wireless headphones, keeping the WiFi connection of your detector off is recommended.

IMPORTANT! If you do not have the RED EDITION of the 2.4GHz wireless headphones but an older version and would like to upgrade your detector with this software version, please check the WiFi channel of your detector first and make sure that it is NOT set to channel 4 or 5 but to one of the channels between 0-3 before uploading the software to your detector!

Software Update (27.07.2017)
Download : R2_V1.14_V1.12 (System Software V1.14 / LCD Software V1.12)
Updates Made : Audio Tone feature has been activated in DI4 and VLX2 modes.
How to use it: If you want to change the frequency of the 4th tone in DI4 and VLX2 modes, while Non-Fe is selected, press the select button once. The frame will disappear and the audio frequency of the 4th tone will appear on the screen. Use the (+) or the (-)button to change it.

Software Update (02.05.2017)
Download : R1_V1.13_V1.11 (System Software V1.13 / LCD Software V1.11)
Updates Made : Individual frequency shift values have been assigned for each frequency (5kHz/14kHz/20kHz) and the frequency shift feature has been improved overall.

Initial Version
Download : R1_V1.11_V1.09 (System Software V1.11 / LCD Software V1.09)

Installation Guide
If you get a Windows security alert during installation, press "Yes" and continue.

Download the ".zip" file to your desktop.

Extract the ".zip" files to your desktop and double click the extracted folder to open.

Run the "setup file.

Press "Next" for installation.

Press "Next" again.

Press "Next" again to confirm.

Press "Close" to exit.

"Nokta Detector Update Tool" icon will appear on your desktop.

Upon executing the "Nokta Detector Update Tool" for the first time, you need to click "OK". For the subsequent runs, you can skip this screen by clicking "Cancel".

Click "Extract" on Driver installation wizard screen.

Press "Next".

Select "I accept this agreement" and press "Next".

Installation will progress.

Click "Finish" to complete.

Click "OK".

Click "Select File" and choose the "bin" file in the extracted folder.

Double click the ".bin" file.

Remove the batteries and attach one end of the USB cable to the detector and the other end to the PC. Wait for 15 seconds while the drivers are installed on the operating system.

Click "Detect Device" to pair your detector with the application. If the pairing is successful, "Detection Successful" screen will appear. Press "OK" to exit.

Click "Start Update".

Wait until the progress bar is filled to 100%.

Click "OK" on the Update Complete window.

Detach the cable, insert the batteries and turn on your detector.

It will take longer than usual for your device to finish booting back up.
Please wait and do not turn the device off.


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