One should make his/her expectations clear before purchasing a detector. Regardless of the purpose of purchase, a careful study and research in advance is a must. Failure to do so would lead to a less useful device, or excessive costs. When doing research about detectors, one should make a concrete analysis of the options offered by the firms. Although user opinions and comments are crucial in any research about detectors, one should also be aware that internet is, unfortunately, rich in misleading and inaccurate information.

Without a full grasp of the operational principles and characteristics of detectors, acting on inaccurate assumptions about the brands offered for sale, and eventually failing, many stores tend to defame other detectors and promote what they sell, trying to create a market for the products they have. The most important media available to these persons is the forums where people interact and communicate. Even though we would not point fingers here (those who engage in a honest business and those who make appropriate use of forums should be exempted), some began to inhabit these forums, even created their own forums, and made them a means to generate revenue. They even take the further step, and created a hidden monopoly through intensive marketing of the products available to them, while defaming and discouraging products of institutional firms beyond their reach. Some of them went as far as demanding bribes called "advertisement portfolio" in breach of the law and ethics, threatening "to defame products, and sabotage brands or models". These persons are of no use to anyone, including themselves. Acting choosy, and demanding the best is the right of every consumer, and depends on the efforts a consumer will put in research.

Getting persuaded easily is a matter of laziness, more than trust!

We would like to remind you that you can come across such misleading information and behaviors, and you should beware against them.

Sadly, such opportunists lurking in forums are a common sight in Turkey. The individuals in European countries where information, awareness, research and self-confidence are emphasized, do not let such acts to gain prominence. That is why in developed countries such misleading statements and abuses of people, labor, time and money are very rare. That is why it is possible to get accurate information from foreign forums. Those who are not proficient in foreign languages can make use of online translation tools as well as the browser's translation capability.

The most prudent option would be research the services and product features offered, and to reach to one's own decision before purchasing a detector. One should take all options into consideration. The firms which may provide the most definitive answer to the question about use cases, offering a multitude of detectors of every type and specification, should get priority consideration. Warranty, service, training and payment options are also important factors to consider. Providing information prior to the sale, a comprehensive training after the sale, and technical support for the aftermarket stage, as well as service facilities are crucial. Institutional firms and trained sales staff to ascertain your needs through direct interest in your requirements, and to provide reliable guidance should be taken into account for 100%.

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