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  • About Nokta Metal Detectors

    Since its foundation in 2001, NOKTA METAL DETECTORS, with its technological know-how and experience in the detector industry, has adopted a growth & development focused vision and became a world-known and well-respected technology producing company.

    With its R&D department, expert engineering staff and well-trained administrative and technical personnel within its structure, it engages in research and development activities on an ongoing basis to provide excellent customer service when meeting customer expectations. In line with 'Advanced Engineering Tradition', it is equipped with all the technological infrastructure, patents, quality and security registrations required as per global standards.

    Nokta Metal Detectors, whose main expertise area is metal detectors, offers a broad range of personal and commercial products used for a variety of purposes, including Hand Held Detectors, Body Scanners, Gold Detectors, Coin Detectors, Treasure Detectors, Deep Penetrating Detectors, Mining Detectors, Military Detectors, Ballistic Detectors, Technical Detectors, Industrial and Security Detectors.

    Nokta Metal Detectors did not offer its products and services with the utmost level of technology only domestically but also became a global brand employing a staff of more than 150 and exporting to more than 100 countries in all continents.

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