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‘’….. I own other Detectors from Fisher and Teknetics but the Fors Gold is the one I take out these days. The Makro Racer From Your sister Company is now on the top of my next buy list. I have attached a file of some of the finds found with the Fors Gold over the last few months. Thank you for a great product and support to match. Thanks again Jeremy.’’ Jeremy from UK


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  • Chris

    July 27, 2015

    Hi got to say that the Nokta FORS CoRe is probably the best detector I’ve ever owned,having owned a few top branded products the FORS CoRe come up trumps every time….I. Love it……….however,the one thing that needs to change is the flimsy coil cover,its just not fit for purpose!!much to thin,and as brittle as an eggshell
    And at £15:00 a cover,and about three hours detecting on a beach,well,oil and water,they just don’t go well together.


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