There’s nothing better than detecting on a summers afternoon

Pleasantly Spooky

There’s nothing better than detecting on a summers afternoon, taking in the picturesque scenes of the golden rolling landscape with the nice warm summer breeze gently blowing across your face. Sunday 24th July 2016 was one those afternoons for myself and partner Sonya. We received a phone call in the morning from one our farmers saying he had cropped his barley and that we had a new field to go at; so naturally we got our detecting gear and drinks ready and headed out the door.

After a couple of hours of the usual run of the mill finds including buttons, small pieces of lead and the token shot gun ends (that seem to be in abundance on most arable land) I decided to change my tactics and detect my way parallel to an old grass track that runs along the side of our field. After another 5 or so shot gun ends I received a loud, very sharp two way signal reading a sold 76 on the VDI of my NOKTA FORS RELIC. I took a shovel full of soil out of the hole and after a quick scan of the spoils I had confirmation that the target was out the hole. I picked the biggest clod of mud and ran it over the coil and to my amazement I heard the same sharp loud two way signal I’d heard previously. What I saw next was nothing short of amazing and pleasantly spooky all rolled into one! Looking back at me from this freshly broken in half clod was a lovely 17 century silver gilt seal ring with my very own initials “IC”…..straight away you ask yourself what are the odds of this totally random event ever happening? In my nearly 20 years of detecting I have never had anything as random as this happen to me what so ever.

Just a pure fluke or is someone up there watching over me I ask myself? I guess I’ll never know.

Iain Crozza

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