“I am lucky enough to own both of these machines, I have to say they are among the lightest I have ever used. The build quality is superior. Both are so simple to operate and set up. I am able to run both very hot with the gain up to the 90’s which is super hot being these are very high gain machines. I have the Propack on both models. In trashy spots the small coil is nothing short of amazing! I have to be honest and say I personally believe I get a tiny bit more depth on the CoRe with the smallest coil versus the Racer. The ID on both are the most stable I have ever seen. Of course if you start detecting deeper targets say in excess of 9 inches of course the ID can jump or be a little all over but that is expected at those depths in my experiences. Not only are the light and accurate I have to say they are just damn fun to use….the funnest machines I have ever used….EVER! The only adjustments I made are running the gain up higher and using two tones and tweaking the tones to the number five selection. Maybe a frequency shift if the machine gave me a a tiny bit of feedback but not much at all and I cannot stand a chatty machine and these both run quiet when run hot in my area….my ground is moderate to heavily mineralized so pretty hot soil and needless to say I was more than impressed with how they handle the harsh soil conditions…..the pinpointing on both with the stock coils is so dead on…..I cannot stress enough how perfect these machines pinpoint. If you are thinking of buying either one you can’t go wrong, everyone is different but I fell right in love with these machines and the capabilities of both. I hope to get the other coils soon to report on them as well……any questions feel free to ask I will answer to the best of my knowledge……..oh yeah! The battery life is unbelievable! They both come with four rechargeable double a batteries and a charger…both came fully charged…..I know I have in excess of 20+ hours on the Racer and the battery indicator has not budged! More than impressed with both so get out there and get your Fors CoRe or Racer….you know you want to! These are comapnies to keep an eye on, the future with both look very promising!”

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  • derek

    June 12, 2015

    Thanks for the information.

    Derek Moyes.


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