Nokta fors core is in the top 5!

‘’My nokta fors core; on first inspection I was very surprised by both its build quality and just how very well balanced it actually is,on my very first outing with it in a nearby forest off the M1 in Lutterworth, i already found my first Edward 1st long-cross silver penny 1272 to 1307(see pic) at a depth of 19 inches, with 3 inches of mulch on surface i can say it was measured at 16 inches deep, having hit the target i began to dig by scrapping off at least 3 inches of mulch then with spade to dig down another 16 inches, then used my Nokta RS pin pointer to locate the target, and within 60 seconds of the fors core picking up the target i had already had a Edward 1st silver long-cross penny literally gleaming in my hand and smiling ear to ear as i`ve never ever found anything as deep as that, not even with my minelab GPX500, yet i went over the same target with my minelab GPX & CTX beforehand and both missed the hit. At 15 kHz it’s good at picking out the small silvers and it’s got a real decent pin pointer built in.

I was very surprised by both its build quality and just how very well balanced it actually is and having used this now for last 6 months i have no need for my Gpx500 or CTX so i have now sold them on, as getting to know this nokta tells me its all the machine i need.
Recovery rate is fast which is ideal for contaminated soils,since using it i have doubled my finds, i now find twice as many Georgian & Victorian coins.
Beach use it comes into its own once again,put it in Conductive Ground (COG) mode do a manual ground balance and off you go, i used it on dry sand wet, sand and up to 2 foot of water and changing from water to wet sand I did`nt receive false signals which is good.
In all this is a good all around detector with some really nice features, like the vibration feature and the built in LED light, having used this for a while now i think i`ll get myself a makro racer also, if it is as good as the nokta then it will be a winner in my eyes.

Having owned all makes of detectors i can honestly say this nokta fors core is in the top 5.
Since owning a fors core i have given it away to my club members to use, and since then 9 of them have now bought one for themselves, having been die hard garrett & minelab users they have no followed suit and either sold their old machines or put them away for good.

Well done Nokta Detectors;

Stewart from UK


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