My first tintype photo I have uncovered

Ricker here again! In my 35 plus years of metal detecting this is my first tintype photo I have uncovered.  It almost escaped until it was identified by a friend to be the image of a long past person, perhaps a pioneer of south Paris Maine. A reminder to study those pieces of ‘trash’ that slip by us all! Other finds my fors core revealed at that 1790’s church include a 1837 large cent, 18?? Large cent, 1864 indianhead cent in great shape, two 1865 Indians, 1881 and 1887 Indians, other newer silver and clad, many wheaties, a Skelton key, tiger’s eye ring, plus many other relics and coins! Many treasures I found with The 5.2 +4.7 coil including one large cent at 10 plus inches deep! The 1836 capped bust dime In the photo came from a church in a neighboring  town, both surly ‘hunted out’  sites!  thanx again, gotta keep the coil to the soil!

 Ricker from Missouri, USA

IMG_20150907_223014-1 IMG_20150907_223201

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