I have attached some pictures days out digging

‘‘Hello from Australia,

My name is Ronnie Worth and I’m from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. In August this year I purchased a Nokta Fors CoRe.

The Nokta Fors CoRe is an excellent machine. In my first 31 hours of metal detecting the finds included 2 tokens, 6 buttons, 5 pennies, 4 half pennies, 2 six pence, a trench art penny slouch hat, 2 foreign coins, 3 sterling silver rings, a 1907 or 1909 British half penny, 5 badges, a toy lead soldier, a small swiss army knife and $270.84.

Now that I’ve metal detected for a further 51 hours I have added to my collection 686 coins including $540.87 in modern coin, 8 half pennies, 21 pennies, 3 three pence, 10 sixpence, 7 shillings, 3 florins, 3 tokens, 6 buttons, 7 foreign coins, 4 sterling silver rings, 1 gold ring and 15 badges.

Needless to say I’m extremely happy with the Nokta Fors CoRe. I’m impressed by it’s balance, recovery rate and depth (I have dug my deepest coins with the Nokta Fors CoRe at 12 inches). The versatility of being able to take it from a park to the beach to group dig ups is awesome.

Ronnie Worth’’

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