I had to give the machine back!

”I was on my way down an old road to a well visited cellar hole in the woods. I noticed another treasure hunter swinging in another area along the way. I approached him and we hit it off talking about our finds and equipment (He was using a Nokta FORS CoRe). I invited him to join me at the cellar hole I was on my way to. We decided it would be fun to give each others machines a swing and boy did it pay off for me! This site is infested with iron and the FORS CoRe was equip with a 5.2″x4.7″ search coil. With this combination I was able to pull a New York EXCELSIOR Button circa 1870, out from a depth of 8″ in an iron infested area. The only bad part of the story, I had to give the machine back!”

Brian Palmer from Middletown, New York USA
Nokta Fors CoRe Nokta Fors CoRe

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