I can honestly say that Nokta knocked it out of the park with the FORS CoRe

”I must first say that I have been a metal detectorist for over 30 years and have owned and used dozens of detectors. With that said I have a good friend that called me a few weeks ago and said that he had a new detector that he had just purchased and was astounded by it’s build quality and performance. And said that I HAVE to see this thing in action. And volunteered to let me borrow it to take to some of my old hot spots. It was the Nokta FORS CoRe. When I met him to pick up the FORS CoRe I was immediately impressed with the rock solid build quality and how light it was and so comfortable to swing. I also could not get over how easy it was to set up, ground balance, and change settings. The flashlight was also an option that I have not had on any other detector and a welcome surprise. That feature rocks. I can honestly admit that the FORS CoRe is hands down the most comfortable detector I have ever swung. And I can’t get over how well made this thing is, it’s built like a tank!

I used the FORS CoRe an entire day on two sites that I have hunted numerous times with a Teknetics T2, Minelab Etrac, and a Fisher F75. And the FORS CoRe on my very first outing with it found several DEEP Civil War bullets, a 1901 V Nickel, some Spencer carbine casings from the Civil War, a lead bail seal, and the best find of the day an 1898 Barber silver quarter.
I am absolutely sold on the Nokta FORS CoRe and greatly appreciate my friend allowing me some swing time with this great detector. I am always on the lookout for the detector that will give me that cutting edge, and the FORS CoRe did not disappoint.
I HAVE TO GET ME ONE……Did I mention that the FORS CoRe found those DEEP targets that all those other detectors missed….lol
I can honestly say that Nokta knocked it out of the park with the FORS CoRe….”

Jonathan James, 
Columbia, Tennessee USA

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