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This little silver Victorian threepence was found by the magnificent NOKTA FORS CoRe

‘’This little silver Victorian threepence was found by the magnificent NOKTA FORS CoRe.
It was located at a depth of nine inches,it was lying on its side,so a broken signal,but a strong one. I was on the D12 programme, auto tracking and regular ground balancing.
I was using the NOKTA “BIG” coil. With that combination, i am convinced that this is possibly the deepest and best detector on the market.

Chris from UK

First results with Fors Gold Plus

First results with Fors Gold Plus

‘’ …The new plus is an awesome detector.  Beings I used the last fors gold for hundreds of hours before, I definitely noticed the difference between them. And as I did use the gold bug pro from fisher years ago,  I now know that the Fors plus is the clear winner over gold bug. The plus and I found 9 pcs today for 12.2 pennyweights of weight. And a 1/2 oz nugget. I really enjoyed the new concentric coil also…. ‘’  Todd from USA

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I can honestly say that Nokta knocked it out of the park with the FORS CoRe

”I must first say that I have been a metal detectorist for over 30 years and have owned and used dozens of detectors. With that said I have a good friend that called me a few weeks ago and said that he had a new detector that he had just purchased and was astounded by it’s build quality and performance. And said that I HAVE to see this thing in action. And volunteered to let me borrow it to take to some of my old hot spots. It was the Nokta FORS CoRe. When I met him to pick up the FORS CoRe I was immediately impressed with the rock solid build quality and how light it was and so comfortable to swing. I also could not get over how easy it was to set up, ground balance, and change settings. The flashlight was also an option that I have not had on any other detector and a welcome surprise. That feature rocks. I can honestly admit that the FORS CoRe is hands down the most comfortable detector I have ever swung. And I can’t get over how well made this thing is, it’s built like a tank!

I used the FORS CoRe an entire day on two sites that I have hunted numerous times with a Teknetics T2, Minelab Etrac, and a Fisher F75. And the FORS CoRe on my very first outing with it found several DEEP Civil War bullets, a 1901 V Nickel, some Spencer carbine casings from the Civil War, a lead bail seal, and the best find of the day an 1898 Barber silver quarter.
I am absolutely sold on the Nokta FORS CoRe and greatly appreciate my friend allowing me some swing time with this great detector. I am always on the lookout for the detector that will give me that cutting edge, and the FORS CoRe did not disappoint.
I HAVE TO GET ME ONE……Did I mention that the FORS CoRe found those DEEP targets that all those other detectors missed….lol
I can honestly say that Nokta knocked it out of the park with the FORS CoRe….”

Jonathan James, 
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My first tintype photo I have uncovered

Ricker here again! In my 35 plus years of metal detecting this is my first tintype photo I have uncovered.  It almost escaped until it was identified by a friend to be the image of a long past person, perhaps a pioneer of south Paris Maine. A reminder to study those pieces of ‘trash’ that slip by us all! Other finds my fors core revealed at that 1790’s church include a 1837 large cent, 18?? Large cent, 1864 indianhead cent in great shape, two 1865 Indians, 1881 and 1887 Indians, other newer silver and clad, many wheaties, a Skelton key, tiger’s eye ring, plus many other relics and coins! Many treasures I found with The 5.2 +4.7 coil including one large cent at 10 plus inches deep! The 1836 capped bust dime In the photo came from a church in a neighboring  town, both surly ‘hunted out’  sites!  thanx again, gotta keep the coil to the soil!

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They call me Ricker, I started metal detecting early around 1980 or so

They call me Ricker, I started metal detecting early around 1980 or so. I’ve owed many different machines from an old red box called the TR550D by bounty hunter to a minelab excalliber. about a month ago I bought the NOKTA Fors CoRe because of the reviews I saw. I then had a chance to go to Maine for a two week metal detecting journey! I just returned from that adventure, the results will follow! we arrived in Biddeford Maine and we detected a lot of private old homes and did well!, my best find was at a well hunted church outside of Biddeford where I dug this 1836 capped bust dime, my buddy dug a early large cent at the neighboring house. my first old coin was a Indian head cent I dug at another house outside Biddeford! the trip got much better when we travelled to south Paris Maine. we found another church built in the 1780’s. I would like to share this experience with you all, tell how I was using my Fors core, the settings I found effective, and the excitement of recovering many coins and relics from that church!

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Nokta fors core is in the top 5!

‘’My nokta fors core; on first inspection I was very surprised by both its build quality and just how very well balanced it actually is,on my very first outing with it in a nearby forest off the M1 in Lutterworth, i already found my first Edward 1st long-cross silver penny 1272 to 1307(see pic) at a depth of 19 inches, with 3 inches of mulch on surface i can say it was measured at 16 inches deep, having hit the target i began to dig by scrapping off at least 3 inches of mulch then with spade to dig down another 16 inches, then used my Nokta RS pin pointer to locate the target, and within 60 seconds of the fors core picking up the target i had already had a Edward 1st silver long-cross penny literally gleaming in my hand and smiling ear to ear as i`ve never ever found anything as deep as that, not even with my minelab GPX500, yet i went over the same target with my minelab GPX & CTX beforehand and both missed the hit. At 15 kHz it’s good at picking out the small silvers and it’s got a real decent pin pointer built in.
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