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Nokta metal detectors have produced another great site machine, review by Gary’s Detector UK

“Nokta metal detectors have produced another great site machine “
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Having been laid up for a while I finally got a chance to test the new Nokta Fors Core, my test  machine was supplied with a carry bag three coils, headphones and covers, I can only assume all Pro kits are supplied with these extra’s. Everything fitted snugly into it’s own compartment and looked very professional. If first impressions were something to go by the Fors Core was going to be a great experience hopefully like the Velox 1 I tested some time back.


Once assembled the machine felt very sturdy and well balanced, build quality is very good there are also some neat features added into this machine like a trigger operated led light directed at the coil and a handle vibrate alert for those people hard of hearing which has 5 intensity levels.
Powered by 4AA batteries in a neat and tidy compartment, operating time approx 20 – 25 hours

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Another top performing metal detector from Nokta, review by Gary’s Detecting UK

” Another top performing metal detector from Nokta “
Remember to mention Gary’s detecting with all enquiries

from what I had heard Nokta metal detectors offer value for money machines which are set up for European conditions. So I was looking forward to testing Nokta’s latest offering the Fors CoRe (which stands for CO-ins & RE-lics). It operates at 15 Khz and has four pre-set programmes plus some unusual features such as a pinpoint LED light from the handle, and the ability to turn on a vibration as well as the normal audio alert to signals, for the hard of hearing.

The option I was testing was the full ‘Pro-Package’ and it certainly was a full package! The carrying case which slides out of the cardboard packaging, looks stylish with details such as an easy grip handle and Nokta’s logo embroidered on the side.

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A success story from US

Hello everyone
Just got out detecting with new fors gold on previously well detected area. i detected every square inch of this surface gold deposit with other detectors till there was no more signals. Continue Reading